Railside Adventures FB Page Update

Hey, you!  Yes, you!  Have you liked the Railside Adventures Facebook Page yet?  No?  Then you’re missing out!  It’s shaping up into a regular page now, with several of my videos, not to mention a collection of still pictures that I’ve been taking over the past few months, many of which can only be viewed on the Railside Adventures Facebook Page (I did say that I would post exclusive content on the page).  Here’s one of those pictures now, just to show you what you’re missing…

UP special 1.jpg

This picture was taken in Kirkwood, MO, on 4/26/16 (yesterday) when this Union Pacific Business Special made its way from St. Louis to Kansas City.  There are plenty more pictures where this came from on the Railside Adventures Facebook Page, so be sure to stop by and join the 200+ people who already “like” the page!

New Video


Hey y’all!  Here’s a video I took today of a BNSF train crossing the 93-year-old bridge in Valley Park, Missouri.  If you want to see a still picture of the train, be sure to check out the Railside Adventures Facebook page!  Enjoy!

Wayback Wednesday: First Successful Railfan

Santa Fe and Burlington Northern units

It’s been over three years now since I’ve started this blog, can you believe it? They’ve made their presence felt, though, that’s for sure.

I decided to have a “Wayback Wednesday” today (fairly certain it’s a thing) to the first time I caught a train when I was trackside. Afterwords, it took me forever to find the footage and post it to Youtube, so it’s older than its posting date by at least a year. Anyways, the train was BNSF’s Chrysler Turn, and it was pulled by an ex-ATSF GP-38 and an ex-BN GP-38 (made it seem like the merger was just yesterday). They switched the local chemical plant and then pulled their entire train back to their starting point at Lindenwood yard. Enjoy!

New Facebook Page!

cropped-logo_530370_print.jpgWell, not exactly new.  More like a reboot.  But, you get the idea!  I’ve remade the Railside Adventures Facebook page so I can have another platform on which to share and reach new people.  I do, however, need your help. How can new people see the page or know it’s valid if it doesn’t have any “likes”?  That’s where you come in.  I would very much appreciate it if you could show your support for this new branch to the Railside Adventures family by “liking” it to increase its visibility.  To sweeten the deal, I’ll post special updates exclusive to the Railside Adventures Facebook page, posts that can’t be viewed anywhere else!  That’s all I have for now, but I hope you’ll lend a helping hand to make Railside Adventures Facebook page the most popular train page on Facebook!  Happy Rails!