The first post.

If you have read the “about” page for me, then I won’t need to introduce myself.  Just in case no one did, I will briefly state what I am about with this blog.  I am a boy scout working on the communications merit badge, and putting up a blog is one of the requirements.  Being a lover of trains, I decided to write about my experiences with them and share my love of the hobby of railfanning and model railroading.  Since my first real train ride was tied in with Civil War re-enacting, some of that will be thrown in as well (I rode the Shiloh Limited behind U.P. 844).  I hope many of you will join me with this endeavor, and also share your knowledge of railfanning and model railroading, since I am kind of new to this.  To close out this not-so-brief first post, I hope you will have as much fun reading about my experiences with trains as I had during them.


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