My visit to the Railroad Museum Of Pennsylvania (Indoor)

Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 mogul, the "Tahoe".I had the pleasure of visiting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in July, 2013.  Because of time constraints, I was only able to see the indoor exhibits.  Notable things I saw there were a Heisler, a reproduction “John Bull”, a reproduction John Stevens engine, Virginia and Truckee “Tahoe”, a streamlined 0-8-0 switcher, and, because of a special event at the museum called “Reading Railroad Days”, a massive model railroad layout representing a large portion of the Reading system.  I think the museum is well worth the visit, with a good building, a catwalk inside providing very good views of the indoor track to the right and left, and a special area for kids, where they can see how the drive rods work and operate a model “LEGO” train.  The service was friendly, and the gift shop was good, completing the whole visit.  I hope to make another visit there at some point to see the outdoor exhibits, and also to see again the Strasburg Railroad.  I say “again” because I went there for a train ride the day before and some railfanning right after my time at the museum, but that’s another post… Here are my pictures from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.


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