Valley Park Railfanning 1/18/14

The first time railfanning this year turned out better than I had hoped!  I had stopped by waiting for the local freight to pass, but for some reason or another it never came.  Instead, I filmed the Amtrak Missouri River Runner passing on the Union Pacific.  After watching that pass, I waited a little while longer for the local, but finally gave up.  After I got in the car, though, it didn’t start.  While waiting in the car waiting for the tow truck, I noticed something different with the signal.  I got out to look at it, and saw that it had turned green!  With a renewed energy and enthusiasm, I got out and waited for the train.  Time started to drag on again, and the cold was biting.  But when the tow truck arrived, it wasn’t the only thing to come.  The train, as it turned out, wasn’t the local I was looking for, but the first regular mainline train I had ever seen on that line!  I don’t know where the train, pulled by two BNSF engines, was from or where it was going (save that it was eastbound) the only thing I care about is that I SAW A TRAIN!  As soon as the train had passed, the car was up and running again.  It just goes to show, patience IS a virtue. ;).

P.S. I will try to get video up soon.


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