Railfanning 2/27/14 (with a bit of local history)

BNSF freight emerging from behind the woodsI went into the field again for some quick railfanning today.  I usually post the location of my railfanning, but I don’t quite know where I was, other than I was west of Valley Park next to the BNSF line.  I had a 15-20 minute window, though, so wasn’t really expecting to get anything.  As I was pacing around the site I had chosen, I found several railroad spikes.  I also noticed that I was on a concrete foundation.   And then it hit me: I was standing on the location for an old Frisco depot, constructed to serve the summer resort that had little cottages on the hillside just behind me overlooking the Meremec River.  While musing on all the people that must have stood right where I was then, I took a look at the signal that had been blank.  IT READ YELLOW!  A TRAIN WAS COMING!  I was excitedly getting the camera in the right position when I could here the rumble.  Within minutes of the signal turning on, an eastbound local unit train of covered hoppers, pulled by a single diesel, rumbled past.  I hope to post video of this day and others of railfanning very shortly, and I also hope my writing has conveyed at least a fraction of the excitement that I felt when the train rolled by.  Thanks for reading!



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