Valley Park Railfanning 3/8/14

Railside AdventuresI went railfanning today, and nearly froze in the process.  City: Valley Park, Mo.  Location: a little roadside park along the Meremec River and the Union Pacific’s Jefferson City Subdivision.  As my dad and I were literally driving in circles around the area near my other location for the BNSF, we were checking the signals for both the BNSF and Union Pacific lines.  The BNSF and UP signals were all red, but I had a hunch that a train was coming on the UP because the signals wouldn’t even be on for that line if there wasn’t a train anywhere near.  So as my dad and I were heading for the park to try to catch the train, it surprised us before we got there.  We went back around in another circle, and I noticed that, even though the train had passed, the signal was still on.  So I, confident because my other hunch proved correct, got my dad to take me to the park anyway in the hope that another train would come.  I must have been there 20-30 minutes.  I quickly could feel the cold, and tried to stay warm as best I could.  I was about ready to throw in the towel, but then I heard the familiar rumble coming.  I had thought that the train, if one was going to come at all, would come from the west.  But I quickly had to reposition my camera for a train from the east.  The train had something between 40 and 50, possibly 60, hoppers in tow.  So ends another successful day of railfanning.  I can’t wait until next time, and I can’t wait until you come again!  Thanks for reading!

Here is video of “Valley Park Railfanning 3/8/14”:Valley Park Railfanning 3/8/14: Westbound Union Pacific Local


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