Valley Park Railfanning 3/11/14, I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY CATCH TODAY!

logo_530370_print copyAs the title of this post shows, I saw something that I didn’t in the slightest expect to see.  But before I get to that, I will give you a little back story.  I had been promised yesterday a chance to railfan today.  I obviously was looking forward to it, but something came up.  My oldest brother is into birds as much as I am into trains, and there was a rare chance to see a big group of birds that were staying about an hour and a half away from here during their migration.  So we (my mom, brothers, and I) took a field trip to go see them.  With this unexpected excursion (on which I saw tons of trains but couldn’t film them), I was starting to see my chance of railfanning today fade away.  When we got back five hours later, I thought I had lost my opportunity altogether.  But, I thought, I would ask my dad, (who hadn’t gone with us) on the off chance that he would take me railfanning, hoping beyond hope that he would agree.  But, to my excitement, he agreed, and five minutes later we were on the road.  As we drew near to my usual spot and saw the Union Pacific line, I saw locomotive headlights and thought, “Darn it we missed another train”.  But it wasn’t what I expected.  It was just one engine pulling another engine.  Not a “real” train.  So we continued and went our usual way to my railfan spot, a route that took us past both the UP and BNSF signals so I could see which one would have a train.  The UP signals said a train was coming, so we decided to continue the rest of the signal check and move on to the spot where I film UP trains.  But as we were about to cross the BNSF tracks, I saw there was a green on the signal, meaning a train was coming to the spot I like the most!  We stopped the car about 20 ft. short of the track, and I got out and raced to my spot while my dad brought the car around and parked it.  As I had thought, the UP train came by, pulled by a UP engine with a CSX tucked in behind.  I thought that would’ve been awesome to film, but I was still happy that I would see a train on the BNSF.  When the BNSF freight came I was REALLY happy I chose that one over the UP.  It was an eastbound manifest, pulled by a CSX ENGINE LEADING BNSF AND UNION PACIFIC UNITS!  In my time railfanning, NEVER had I seen something like that train with three flags.  I don’t expect to see something like that for a long time, and part of me thinks that will be the only time.  That train had nearly a hundred cars by my estimate.  That train made my night, if not my week!  I am already counting the days until I can go railfanning again!  I hope that I have conveyed as much wonder at this awesome train that I felt the moment I saw the three units pulling it. I hope also that you enjoyed my post and will visit again.  Thanks for reading!

Here is the footage of the train described in “Valley Park Railfanning 3/11/14, I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY CATCH TODAY!”


P.S. Sorry, I’m not very original with titles.


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