Status update.

My about page and my first post both say that I’m a Boy Scout and this blog is for my communications merit badge.  I can now say that I have completed the merit badge, and that I’m almost to the rank of life scout, which is one step away from Eagle.  I know that this post doesn’t involve trains, but since this blog was started because of a scout badge, I should pass the news along.  Even though I’ve finished what I’ve needed to with the blog, I’m going to continue posting because I’ve enjoyed this a lot ;).  Thanks for reading, and happy rails!


2 thoughts on “Status update.

  1. HI Matthew,
    What a great idea! A blog for the purposes of a merit badge! When I was working on my First Class in Girl Scouts (oh so many years ago) the word blog was not a word 🙂
    Good luck as your progress toward becoming an Eagle Scout!


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