Valley Park Railfanning 4/9/14

I had success today in some more railfanning for the spring of this year.  My catches today were a couple of westbounds:  one a local and one a coal empty.  This trip was a little different from the rest, however, because this time it wasn’t one of my parents driving me.  I would like to make a shout-out to my biggest brother for driving me to Valley Park, which is something he usually wouldn’t do.  When we got to my spot, it took about 20 minutes for the local to go by.  We then stayed there for about another 5 minutes, then we headed down to the Meramec to look at some wildlife (my brother’s idea).  Looking back, I’m really glad we did. When we were about to our car, I looked at the rail line and saw some headlights coming.  Saying “He’s coming!”, I took off like a shot to get back to my spot, leaving my brother at the car.  My brother said afterwords that it was the fastest he’d seen me run in awhile.  I was racing the train, it seemed.  And I won.  I had the forethought to reset the camera on the fly, and got there in time to get the camera rolling.  I was happy, but exhausted from the running and was catching my breath the whole time the coal train was rolling by.  Thinking afterwords, I’m really glad I brought my brother drove me, because if it wasn’t for him wanting to see the river I would’ve missed the coal train.  So here’s to my brother, a guy who doesn’t usually take me, but contributed to my success today.  The video of the trains is attached to the post.  Thanks for reading, and happy rails!


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