Valley Park Railfanning 4/20/14

I haven’t ever had two posts in one day, but this one will be short(-ish) because my family’s Easter celebration has worn me out.  My brother took me railfanning again, but we didn’t have much time since the sun was practically down when we left.  But, nonetheless, my catches were pretty good.  The BNSF signal showed green for an eastbound, and I set up with about 5 minutes to spare.  When it did come, I saw that it was a light power move.  Among the five engines lashed up, I spotted a BNSF “fakebonnet”, a unit bearing the old ATSF “warbonnet” scheme but bearing BNSF markings (these came from unfulfilled orders that were only completed after the merger).  When the engines had passed, I set the camera to film them some more.  While I was doing that, however, I noticed headlights on the UP line.  As it turned out, I had pulled my camera around just in the knick of time to catch a westbound UP train meet the eastbound BNSF.  After seeing that, happy that I had so many catches so quickly, I went through my normal footage-taking procedure.  All-in-all, I think I had some pretty good Easter railfanning this year, but I already can’t wait for another time trackside.  Thanks for reading, and happy rails!

The video from the railfanning described above is attached to this post.


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