National Train Day Recap and Some Railfanning

Kirkwood Railfanning 5/10/14 (National Train Day)

National Train Day was very good this year.  I celebrated at St. Louis Union Station this year with many other people and many groups were represented, from model railroad clubs and railroad historical societies all the way up to the Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Amtrak, and the Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis.  Under the old train shed on the remaining tracks, Union Pacific had two heritage units set up: the Katy and the MoPac.  Amtrak countered with a consist featuring a P42 loco, a dining car, and a coach.  Norfolk Southern chimed in it’s special Operation Lifesaver engine and the Exhibit Car, a passenger car converted into a little museum on wheels.  Finally, the TRRA contributed a pair of GP-38-3 switch engines for display.  One of the coolest things there though, by far (as indicated by the line for it), was the consist of private passenger cars contributed by American Rail Excursions.  These were very top-notch cars of first-class standards.  On a sadder note, the excursion train I had been looking forward to never materialized.  It had been in the plans at the start, but at some point along the lines it had been cancelled.  Despite this, I had a great time at Union Station.  This isn’t the end of the post, though.  My dad and I went to get lunch in Kirkwood, and then went to the train depot so I could film the eastbound Missouri River Runner make it’s station stop.  The weather was way better than last time I filmed it, but there was another setback in it’s place.  Right as the train came around the bend, my tripod lost stability, causing some shaky video.  Oh, well.  I still had a fun day, a day to remember.  I already can’t wait until the next National Train Day, and even my next railfanning trip for that matter.  Until then, thanks for reading, happy Train Day, and happy rails!


3 thoughts on “National Train Day Recap and Some Railfanning

  1. I share your frustration of sometimes not finding trains on a supposedly busy line, but I guess it adds to the pleasure of the days the trains are there. Without disappointment, there could be no elation!


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