Valley Park Railfanning 5/18/14

I had some fun today with my railfanning, some reasons being that I tried a new camera angle this time, and I caught a nice freight.  I had gone railfanning yesterday, but a number of things led to me only getting a bad shot of a UP train in the distance, something I wasn’t about to post to YouTube.  But this time Dad and I, as we were checking the signals, saw the that the eastbound BNSF showed green.  With my mind going a mile a minute, I finally decided to try a new camera angle.  This particular angle was just across the tracks, but it made a huge difference.  It brought the old Frisco caboose into view, and it also had a better angle with the sun, since it was behind me and able to shine brightly on the four engines pulling the train.  As for the freight itself, it was (as already implied) an eastbound.  It was a manifest freight, pulled by a lash up of three BNSF engines, one being an old GP-38, and a CSX engine tucked in.  Looking back, I do think that it’s the best video I’ve ever shot.  After the BNSF passed, I moved to the place I use for filming the UP.  Sadly, my luck there wasn’t as good as my luck with the BNSF, and I didn’t see any trains.  Oh, well.  As they say, two is better than one, but one’s better than none.  I’ll be keeping that in mind while I plan my next railfan outing ;).  Thanks for reading, and, until next time, happy rails!

The footage from this railfanning trip is attached to the post.


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