The New Project

logo_530370_print copyHey y’all!  I’m back to blogging after an extended break (school work and soccer can do that), and ready for action!  The title of this post is “The New Project”, and I indeed have something in mind.  Have you heard of Model Railroader Magazines before?  Well, you’ll sure hear about them now, especially their August and September 2013 issues.  Why these two issues in particular?  Because they hold instructions on how to build a layout that would be perfect for my small bedroom, the HO scale Thin Branch, aptly named because it is only 30″ wide at it’s widest point, as well as being 70″ lengthwise.  Anyways, be looking for updates on my journey to completing this mobile little layout, and I will try to  post pictures as well.  Thanks for reading, and, until next time, happy rails!



*Disclaimer*  I may be writing about Model Railroader Magazines in this post, but please know that I am in no way affiliated or trying to advertise for them or for any other company, I am simply saying that I have found them useful in my search for suitable model railroad layout.  Thanks!



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