Hello, my name is Matthew.  I am a boy scout and I published this blog as part of the communications merit badge, and decided to continue with it even after I finished the merit badge. Since I am a train fanatic, I naturally chose trains for the theme.  This blog is mostly going to be about trains, including model railroading, railfanning, reviews of train rides, and railroad museums.  I hope that you, the reader, will enjoy and find useful my suggestions, and if you have any yourself, feel free to post a comment about it.  So when you feel far from the rumble of a slow freight, desire to here the click-clack of a high-speed passenger train, or just want to talk trains, come and enjoy some

Railside Adventures  Thanks for reading and happy rails!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Man, Love your blog and also love trains. I can spends days on end hunting down New England’s old abandoned rails, The old Boston – Maine line is one of my favorites. Keep up your great work and good luck with the boy scouts my nephew is an eagle scout, Dave


    • Thanks! I’m almost to Life rank, only one step from Eagle. I’m glad to hear you enjoy my blog! I now have a YouTube channel of the same name as this blog with five videos (so far). Thanks for reading!


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